Hobbywing 1080 80A ESC & 40T 540 Bushed Motor Combo

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Notice: Brushless electric motors & ESCs have huge amounts of torque at any given RPM. Using too-tall gearing, or a vehicle that is too large/heavy, can result in damage and/or product failure. Please consult your manual and select gearing suitable for the vehicle and terrain, as damage caused by overloading or abuse is unlikely to be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Always monitor your ESC and motor temperatures closely after modifying your system to ensure they stay within the safe operating limits.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
For Motor Type: Brushed
Max Voltage: 11.1
Continuous Amps: 80
Motor Connectors: Basic Bullet
Battery Connector: XT60
LiPo Cut-off: Yes
Programmable: Yes
Waterproof Design: Yes
Cooling Method: Fan
BEC Voltage: 6v,7.2
Dual Motor: No
Motor Type: Brushed
Can Length (mm): 53.2
Can Diameter (mm): 36
Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.175 (1/8")
Turns: 40
Hobbywing 1080 80A ESC & 40T 540 Bushed Motor Combo
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