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Plaig RC Complete Traxxas UDR Bearing Set Overview

We all put our RC vehicles through some real tough environments, this puts a lot of grit, mud and dirt in and around our bearings.

Treat your Traxxas UDR with this complete set of high-quality rubber sealed bearings to ensure a super smooth and efficient run.

What's Included in This Traxxas UDR Bearing Kit
  • 4x8x3mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 16Pcs
  • 5x8x2.5mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 2Pcs
  • 6x13x5mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 8Pcs
  • 8x12x3.5mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 6Pcs
  • 8x16x5mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 1Pcs
  • 15x21x4mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 2Pcs
  • 15x24x5mm Rubber Shielded Bearings 8Pcs

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