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RPM A-arms for 4S BLX versions of the ARRMA Kraton & Outcast are designed primarily for strength and durability but we’ve added a few extra features in as well.

First is slop elimination. RPM A-arms reduce the amount of movement of the A-arm at the hinge pins, providing for better steering response and more consistent camber, caster and toe angle settings.

Their next improvement is the addition of a second shock mount hole further out on the arm, providing for a lower profile suspension set-up. This shock position allows the suspension to lay down a little further, dropping the ride height for a lower center of gravity and better cornering stability.

Also, their most important update is durability. These new RPM A-arms are massive! At almost 25% thicker than stock, RPM A-arms will take a pounding and come back for more! All RPM A-arms are molded from our nearly indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons for performance you can rely on when conditions are at their worst!

Tech Notes: RPM A-arms for 4S versions of the ARRMA Kraton & Outcast are sold in pairs. Front A-arms replace stock #AR330520.

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