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The Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL is scaled down from its big brother the Traxxas 1/10 Summit which simply looks great. This bad boy isn’t all about looks, with capable speeds of 45Mph (72Kph) and goes 25Mph (40Kph) straight out of the box with no modification, now that’s fast!
Great size, doesn’t take up too much space in the garage and is easy to transport.

Traxxas has designed the chassis so it can fit 2 batteries, you know what they say “more is better.”
2 batteries will give this beast unbeatable torque and speed, have you ever seen another ‘Mini’ sized car do a standing back flip?
Well, the Traxxas 1/16 Summit can! (Skip to 0:17 in the video).

Hobbies Direct recommends using the Traxxas’s Patented Training mode as it limits the power output of the model to 50% which makes practising much easier and safer and is also a great idea when giving your friends a try.

Hobbies Direct stocks 100% of the spare parts for the Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL meaning more fun-time and less downtime.

Traxxas Stability Management

TSM - Traxxas Stability Management is built-in to the Traxxas' latest receivers. It has a gyro that detects when the car is sliding out off course and instantly corrects it to keep it where you want it to go.

Training Mode

Traxxas' patented Training Mode is a fantastic way to learn how to drive an RC car, once set to Training Mode the power output of the car gets reduced to 50%.

Traxxas Training Mode

The Velineon VXL-3m speed control is loaded with high-grade technology to deliver maximum power to the motor. When running a LiPo battery the two-stage low voltage detection prevents the battery from being over-discharged, and advanced circuit design gives smooth power delivery at any speed.

Traxxas VXL-3m ESC
Velineon 380 Motor

Traxxas have packed a mighty 380 sized brushless Velineon motor into this little beast to unleash some tyre shredding power!

Traxxas Velineon 380 Motor
Traxxas ID Connectors

The best connectors in the industry! Secure, easy to use, high-current, also has a RFID chip that tells the charger what settings to charge it on. Now that's one smart connector.

Traxxas ID Connector
40 Minute Charge

Stop waiting around for your batteries and charge with Traxxas' 4 Amp fast charger just plug it into your car's cigarette port and start charging. You can charge your batteries while camping on even at the track!

Note: Do not charge whilst the automobile's engine is running.

Traxxas 4 Amp Charger
  • Ready to drive with included 6 cell NiMh battery and charger
  • Traxxas Stability Managment (TSM)
  • Large 380 Velineon brushless motor
  • Torque-Control slipper clutch system
  • 2.4Ghz TQi Bluetooth enabled pistol grip transmitter
  • VXL -3s Velineon ESC (Electric Speed Control)
  • Fully waterproof electronics
  • Revo suspension technology
  • Rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Length: 320mm (12.6”)
  • Width: 265mm (10.4”)
  • Height: 190mm (7.48”)
  • Weight: 1.24kg (2.73 lbs)
  • Wheelbase: 214mm (8.43”)
  • Ground Clearance: 66mm (2.6”)
  • Drivetrain: 4WD Shaft
  Required Items (Not Included)
  • 4 AA Batteries

Max LiPo Power 3S (11.1v)
Size (Scale) 1/16
Skill Level Intermediate
Power Source Electric Brushless
Chassis Type Truck
On/Off Road Off Road
Drivetrain 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power 3S (11.1v)
Front shock oil 30w
Rear shock oil 30w
Wheel hex size 12mm

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