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The best beginner FPV quad for an unbeatable price, the Alien X250 FPV now has new and innovative features like low voltage detection, long 300 meters range, durable and robust design, and afail-safe automatic landing feature (in the case of signal loss). Perfect for indoor or outdoor flying!

Flight Time (Minutes)

40% Complete (success)10

Range (meters)

70% Complete300

Skill Level

40% Complete (warning)Beginner

Charge Time (Hours)

30% Complete (danger)1


In the event of signal loss, the Alien X250 FPV will automatically land and will not continue flying away. Many drones have been lost by not having this feature.

XK Innovations Alien X250 Fail-Safe
Clever 2.4ghz Radio System

This 2.4ghz radio system literally hops from frequency to frequency in a pseudo-random sequence, ensuring you stay in control. 

2.4ghz Remote
Long Range

Using the secure, hopping 2.4ghz frequency, the Alien X250 FPV achieves a super long range of 300 meters. Flying so far away you'll barely see it!

XK Innovations Long Range
Low Battery Warning LEDs

Bright and easy to see warning LEDs will flash when the Alien X250's battery is getting low, this gives the user plenty of time to land safely without losing power.

Low Battery Detection


  • Real-time vision from the onboard camera to the remote screen
  • 300-meter range
  • Turn light on/off via remote
  • One button flips
  • Wfi FPV System
  • Adjustable phone mount
  • One button return to home
  • Low battery warning (LED lights start flashing)
  • Auto landing failsafe


  • Length: 194mm (excluding propellers)
  • Width: 194mm (excluding propellers)
  • Height: 61mm
  • Weight: 124g (including battery)
  • Propeller length: 140mm (5.5")

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