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The DJI Spark is a mini drone and when DJI say 'mini' they mean it. This thing is so small it can fit in a pocket! But don't let the size fool you, the DJI Spark comes with all DJI's signature features such as tap fly, obstacle avoidance, gesture mode, and more!

Flight Time (Minutes)

90% Complete (success)30

Range (meters)

90% Complete3,500 (3.5km)

Skill Level

40% Complete (warning)Beginner

Charge Time (Hours)

35% Complete (danger)1
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DJI Spark Propeller Guards
SKU: Spark (Part 1)
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DJI Spark Shoulder Bag
SKU: Spark (Part 14)
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DJI Spark Remote Controller
SKU: Spark (Part 4)
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DJI Spark Charging Hub
SKU: Spark (Part 8)

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