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Building an RC car has just gotten a whole lot easier, this great kit includes everything you need to get building and driving. You'll find most kits are for racing and requires you to purchase your electronics separately, this not only makes it confusing for the beginners but it's a costly project. With the ECX AMP RC car kit, you don't need to worry about what motor, servo, battery, ESC etc will fit into your new rig. Just built it, and drive it!

  • Build yourself kit
  • 250+ Parts included
  • Customizable clear body shell
  • Tools included
  • Replacement and upgrade parts available
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Pre-assembled differential, shock and wheels
  • Length: 429.3mm (16.9")
  • Width: 327mm (12.9")
  • Height: 187mm (7.4")
  • Wheelbase: 295mm (11.6")
  • Weight: 1.6kg (3.44lbs)
  Required Items (Not Included)
  • Polycarbonate spray paint (for the body shell)

Size (Scale) 1/10
Skill Level Beginner
Power Source Electric Brushed
Chassis Type Truck
On/Off Road Off Road
Drivetrain 2WD

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