FlySky NB4+ Noble 2.4Ghz 8ch Radio w/ Receiver

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The beloved NB4 remote control from Flysky has received a significant overhaul. Get ready for longer run times with the increased 3450mAh battery capacity housed in an easily accessible handle compartment. Navigating settings is easier than ever thanks to the brighter LCD screen, while the revamped user interface offers a clean, intuitive layout and a high level of customisability. The new design doesn't stop there - the steering wheel gets a sporty makeover with a sleek disc brake and caliper design, adding a touch of style to your control. Flysky hasn't forgotten about connectivity either, updating to a modern USB-C port for both charging and software updates. And for those demanding ultra-low latency response, the NB4 now boasts several selectable channel modes, allowing you to switch from an 8 channel mode to a 2-channel mode for low latency control.

Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or just starting out, the upgraded NB4 is poised to become your new go-to remote control, offering a perfect blend of power, functionality, and style.

  • New 3.5" 320 x 480p resolution full colour IPS high brightness touch screen
  • Removable 1S/4.2V LiPO 4200mAh battery, now with a USB-C charge port
  • Computer connectivity via USB-C for easier software updates
  • Easier to remove handle battery with higher capacity 3450mAh 18650 battery
  • Adjustable Channel Settings from a super low latency 2 channels to 8 channels
  • New highly customisable user interface
  • New, stylish, racing rim inspired steering wheel with disc brake and caliper
  • 180 Degree adjustable steering arm
  • Adjustable trigger throw and size
  • Customisable channel names for easy identification
  • IBUS support
  • New trainer mode
  • Supports head tracking function

  • Channels: 8
  • Freq. Range: 2.4GHz ISM
  • 2.4GHz Protocol: AFHDS 3
  • Data Output: USB-C
  • Battery: 1S/4.2V 4200mAh LiPo & 3450mAh 18650 Handle Battery
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Antenna Type: Built-in antenna
  • Online Update: Yes
  • Dimensions: 131.41 x 115.95 x 190.56 mm
  • Weight: 520g
  • Certification: CE, SRRC, MIC, RMC, FCC ID: 2A2UNNB4PLUS00

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FlySky NB4+ Noble 2.4Ghz 8ch Radio 1
Receiver 1
RX Channels:
RX Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Telemetry: Yes
Surface/Air: Surface
Failsafe: Yes
TX Channels: 8
TX Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Controls Layout: Pistol
Mode 1/2/3/4: N/A
Telemetry Capable: Yes
Programmable Failsafe: Yes
FlySky NB4+ Noble 2.4Ghz 8ch Radio w/ Receiver
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