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Batteries - NiMH Vs LiPo - Which is better?

Trying to choose a battery for your RC car? Trying to choose between NiMH and LiPo batteries can be hard without the right information... read more

Best RC Cars for Beginners

Excited to buy your first RC car? We don't blame you! However, like many industries these days, the remote-control car market is flooded with hundreds if not thousands of different products which all .. read more

Electric, Nitro or Petrol - Which One's The best?

Electric (Battery powered, most commonly a NiMH or LiPo battery is used) | Nitro (Nitro fuel is a combination of Nitromethane, Methanol and oil) | Petrol (2-Stroke fuel is a combination of Unleaded fu.. read more

HPI vs Clone (Rovan/King Motor) - What is The Best RC Baja to Buy?

In this article we compare Bajas from HPI and the 2 clone companies (Rovan Sports and King Motor), each brand is rated on Reliability, Price and Performance. I've shared my personal thoughts and have .. read more

Choosing The Right Hobby Battery Charger For Your RC Needs

Choosing the right battery charger is very important and can be the difference between safely charging your battery, and catching your shed on fire... read more

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 27-11-2020   |    
Hobby Industry Stock Levels During COVID 19

The RC world is, annoyingly, still part of the rest of the world. Manufacturing of everything has slowed down. And with many people around the world unable to go out and do whatever they used to do, t.. read more

 14-07-2019   |    
How to: Replace a Servo

The steering servo in your RC car is the electric motor that moves the steering side to side. In the same way that you need good gear mesh and throttle calibration to go fast in a .. read more

 14-07-2019   |    
What makes an RC car 'good'?

Complaining that a crawler is too slow or a drifter can’t handle gravel is like saying a sandwich is terrible at being a shoe. It was just never supposed to be. It seems like a basic question, an.. read more

 14-07-2019   |    
How to: Calibrate an ESC

Being a good RC driver doesn’t involve any special tricks, just reaction time and some finesse on the controls. Proper throttle use can be the difference between a particularly sweet drift and a parti.. read more

 28-04-2019   |    
HPI Car Alternatives

This article is here to provide a list of alternative brands to HPI in the event you're interested in a HPI model, but aren't willing to take the risk going with a company that has fallen short in the.. read more

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