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Hobbies Direct is a hobby shop that sells directly to the public via our online shop and shop in Breakwater (Geelong) Victoria which is an hour south of Melbourne. Hobbies Direct has been built up by a team of true hobby enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting out or if you're a long time fan like us, we have you covered! We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible, combined with our massive range of over 13,000 RC Parts and over 170 different radio controlled cars we have ensured we only stock the highest quality vehicles and parts.

We also stock every single replacement part for each and every remote control car, truck and buggy we sell - now that's a lot of parts!
Don't have an item number? No worries - Use our RC Parts Finder (located at the top of each page on our website) to find the correct part/s easily!

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Cody Drone Specialist
Scott Store Manager
Ron RC Car Specialist
Aaron Sales & Support
Marnie Packing & Shipping
Angus Sales Manager
Hamish Purchasing Manager
William I.T/Service
Andrew International Manager
Tom Warehousing & Logistics
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a month ago

"My dealings with Hobbies Direct have been a very positive experience. The staff are very professional and helpful. They take the time to listen to the customer and are very patient."

Green Lantern

3 months ago

"Hobbies Direct is one of the most reliable and professional hobby stores in Australia, they're helpful, they're polite, and extremely efficient! Their website is very accurate with respect to their stock (no deceptive practices of listing items that they don't have) Their prices are very good, these guys are my go-to for online hobby shopping in Australia! William you rock bro."

William Bawden

2 months ago

"A pleasure to deal with. Friendly and helpful staff. It's always order before 1pm on business day and get same day shipping, the shipping and products aren't overpriced as well as the delivery times are accurate. I'm looking forward to dealing with you in the future."