HSP Standard Waterproof Servo 3Kg

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 Servos are powered by the ESC's output to the receiver. If you're using a higher-strength servo than the ESC can support (usually greater than 20kg), you may experience 'brown-outs' where the radio signal can be interrupted and cause erratic driving. This can be helped by plugging a Glitch Buster into the receiver smoothing the current delivery. However, in some cases, you may need to install an external BEC.

HSP-SP3001 Servo Specifications
  • Total Height (A) = 44mm
  • Body Width (B) = 41mm
  • Below Mount (C) = 28mm
  • Above Mount (D) = 16mm
  • Total Length (E) = 55.5mm
  • Total Width (F) = 20mm
Servo Size: Standard
Gear Material: Plastic
Case Material: Plastic
Waterproof Casing: Yes
Rotational Degrees: 120o (Normal)
Servo Spline Count: 25
6.0V Torque kg/cm: 3
"A" Measurement: 44
"B" Measurement: 41
"C" Measurement: 28
"D" Measurement: 16
"E" Measurement: 55.5
"F" Measurement: 20
HSP Standard Waterproof Servo 3Kg
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Max Spivey
this comes originally with the HSP Grumpas and other cars but mine and my friends caught on fire after half a year. Do not buy this separately just use it when in it comes in cars until it dies just be careful though

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Fits 9 HSP Cars