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HI-Tec Syn 2T Motor Oil is a premium fully synthetic low ash, low smoke two-stroke lubricant formulated with specially developed diester base stockfor superior lubricity and performance.

Hi-Tec Syn 2T Motor Oil is blended to meet the severe high temperature and high load requirements of modern two-stroke engines. It has excellent low temperature properties for use under extreme temperature conditions.


  • A premium, fully synthetic, low ash, low smoke two-stroke formulated lubricant
  • Performs extremely well in Go-Kart, road and motor cycle racing, as well as in highly water cooled two-stroke engines
  • Allows an increase in fuel/oil ratio and the engines remain very clean and are able to be reused.

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Syn 2T 2 Stroke Full Synthetic Engine Oil 1L 1

Compound 2 Stroke Oil
Size (ml) 1000

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