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The 8A-UBEC is a switching-mode DC-DC regulator supplied with a 2-3 cells lithium battery pack

and outputs a consistent safe voltage for your receiver, gyro and servos. It is very suitable for nitro

powered RC helicopter (above 30 class) and big fixed-wing aircraft.

Compared with the linear mode UBEC, the overall efficiency of the switching-mode BEC is much

higher, so it can extend the working time of the receiver battery pack, and because a switchingmode UBEC can significantly reduce the heat emission, it can avoid the loss of control caused by

the over-heat problem which is frequently happened with the linear mode UBEC.


  • Output: 5V/8A or 6V/8A (Changeable with an output-voltage select switch )
  • Input: 6V-12.6V (2-3 cells lithium battery pack)
  • Size: 42mm*39mm*9mm (length*width*height)
  • Weight: 38g
  • Quiescent current: 60mA


Designed with an advanced switching-mode DC-DC regulator IC.

The output current is very large, the continuous output current is up to 8A, and the burst

output current is 15A.

Output short-circuits protection function.

A metal shield covers almost all the electronic components, and a specially made filter

(ferrite ring) is attached with the output wires to significantly reduce the electromagnetic


Automatically detects the number of the lithium battery pack (2 cells or 3 cells), and shows

the battery capacity with 4 indicators (LEDs).

Shows the working status with an indicator (LED), lights when the output is in normal range.

2 output leads to reduce the resistance when connecting the UEBC to the receiver.

Accessory: A step-down voltage regulator with 0.7V down (from 6.0V to 5.3V).

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