Koswork Wheel Balancing Clay 27g

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Fine tune your RC's performance with Koswork Wheel Balancing Clay. This pliable clay allows you to strategically add weight to your wheels, correcting imbalances for smoother operation, reduced vibrations, and improved handling. Its easy-to-use and reusable nature makes it an essential tuning tool for serious racers and hobbyists. Pair with the Koswork Tyre balancer KOS13010 to ensure the most accurate usage.

  • Easy-to-use and pliable for precise placement
  • Adds weight to balance wheels for smoother running
  • Reusable for convenient adjustments
  • Reduces tire vibrations for improved performance
  • Essential for maximising on-road and off-road handling
  • Compatible with most RC car wheels

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Koswork Wheel Balancing Clay 27g
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