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Power HD LF-20MG Servo Specifications
  • Total Height (A) = 43.3mm
  • Body Width (B) = 40mm
  • Below Mount (C) = 26.6mm
  • Above Mount (D) = 15.6mm
  • Total Length (E) = 54.4mm
  • Total Width (F) = 20.2mm
RC Hobby Servo Specifications

How to Install a Servo

Learn how to install a steering servo correctly to increase steering perfomance, and avoid stripping your servo gears out.

Servo Size Standard
Servo Spline Count 25
Waterproof Casing No
Gear Material Metal
Torque kg/cm 20
Signal Type Digital
6.0v Sec/60 Degrees 0.16
"A" Measurement 43.3
"B" Measurement 40.01
"C" Measurement 26.6
"D" Measurement 15.6
"E" Measurement 54.4
"F" Measurement 20.2

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