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RPM Black Slash 2WD No Clip Body Mount Set - Overview

Are you tired of losing those pesky body clips? One flip and you’re almost guaranteed to lose at least one! Are you irritated that those ugly body posts sticking up through your body ruin its scale looks? The RPM “No Clip” Body Mount is the solution you’re looking for. RPM has completely eliminated the through-the-body posts that destroy the scale looks of your Slash. RPM do this via an ingenious body mount system that uses a scale, mock radiator out back and four unobtrusive screws out front that hide an under-body frame. What’s visible on the outside is an ultra-cool, scale radiator (based off of a full-sized desert truck radiator), complete with mock fan blades and fan shrouds (also based off of their full-sized counterpart). The fan shrouds are the key to this clever mounting system because the fan shrouds are the locking mechanisms that lock the body in place!

RPM's “No Clip” Body Mounts incorporate vertical adjustability where neither the 2WD nor the 4WD had before! Now you can drop the body an extra 3/16” (4.8mm) or raise it up to 3/8” (9.5mm) higher than stock. If you’re tired of your tires rubbing off that time-consuming/expensive paint job in the wheel wells or if you’ve dropped your ride for more street performance, these mounts will let you alter that body position effortlessly. Each RPM “No Clip” Body Mount system comes with everything needed to bolt up to your favourite ride. Made right here in the USA and moulded from RPM's trademark blend of engineering grade nylons for strength and durability you can trust.

Tech Notes

RPM “No Clip” Body Mounts will not work with the Traxxas On Board Audio System (OBA), nor is it compatible with the Nitro Slash. RPM Body Mounts are designed for use with most stock Traxxas Short Course Bodies, although they will not work with Ford Raptor bodies (5815, 5815A, 5815R, 5815X, 5826, 5826A, 5826R & 5826X), Rob MacCachren Dodge body (6833) or the Dakar body (58044, 5818, 5818A or 5820A). This system has not been tested with any aftermarket bodies and is only guaranteed to fit the stock Traxxas part numbers below or any bodies based off of the #5811 & #6811 body styles. The following stock Traxxas part numbers represent a partial list of compatible bodies.

No Number Plate Bodies: 5811, 5811X, 5816, 5817, 5819 & 5825 - Discontinued.
Number Plate Bodies: 6811, 6811X, 6817, 6818, 6820, 6821, 6825, 6825X, 6826, 6826R, 6831, 6849 & 6889.

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