2972A | Traxxas Ez-Peak Dual 8Amp 100Watts NiMH/LiPo ID Charger

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This is one of the most common smart chargers used for Traxxas models as it can detect Traxxas' iD batteries and can handle a vast range of batteries (including LiPo and NiMH).

Note: This Ez-Peak charger can only charge 2-3S LiPo batteries so if you have Traxxas 4S (14.8v) batteries you will need either this Traxxas 12Amp Ez-Peak Live Charger or the Traxxas 26Amp Ez-Peak Live Dual Charger.


Traxxas' dual charger is the perfect solution for those that have multiple Traxxas iD batteries and are looking for the ability to charge 2 at once to spend less time twiddling their thumbs, and more time down at the track. Charge either 2 Traxxas iD batteries simultaneously up to 4 Amps each, or flick the charger into high output mode to charge a single Traxxas iD battery at a maximum charge rate of 8 Amps!

Compatible With: NiMH,LiPo
Output Connector Type: Traxxas ID
Type: Smart
Maximum Amps: 8
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