Trumpeter 1/16 M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Half-Track Scaled Plastic Model Kit

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The half-track is a vehicle that utilises both tracks and wheels as running gear. Early 30s,The U.S. Army purchased a license to develop half-tracks and experimented with half-track adapters. The mobility of the vehicle improved markedly when using these adapters. The best known American half-tracks were the M series made as a standardized design by Autocar, Diamond T, International and White. The M series had a similar front end to the White M3A1 Scout Car but used more powerful engines: a 147bhp 6.3-liter White AX in the Autocar, Diamond T White, and a 143bhp 1HC in the International. Each version had four-speed gearboxes with two-speed transfer boxes and drive to the front axle and the tracked bogie. The M series half-tracks were widely used by US forces in most theatres of the war and were also supplied under the Lend-Lease Program to Great Britain, Canada and the Soviet Union. A total of 41,170 were made. The half-track's M16 quad mount version proved very successful and became the standard light anti-aircraft armoured vehicle.

  • New compartment with interior details for M45D weapon mount
  • Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission & differential housing
  • Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded sprocket wheels
  • Cast metal chassis frames to mimic the steel shape of beams
  • Metal chain & hinges
  • Metal can mount rack

  • Item Type: Static Armour
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 413mm (16.25 in)
    • Width: 156mm (6.14 in)
    • Height: 168mm (6.61 in)
  • Total Parts: 482 Pcs
  • Metal Parts: Cast metal chassis frames, numerous screws and stamping can mount racks and hinges
  • Photo-Etched Parts: One Large Fret
  • Total Sprues: 25 sprues plus cabs, compartment, chassis, rubber tyres, rubber tracks & wheels
  • Paint Schemes
    • M-16, 4th Inf. Div.
    • M-16, 15th AAA Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, 1951
    • M-16, 21 AAA, Korea, 1953"

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M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Scaled Plastic Model Kit 1

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Kit Scale: 1/16
Military Land Type: Half-Track
Trumpeter 1/16 M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Half-Track Scaled Plastic Model Kit
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