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This is the largest and most powerful petrol engine you can fit in an HPI Baja (5B, 5T and 5SC), Losi 5IVE-T, 5IVE-B, and DBXL without serious modifications. Released in 2014, the 31.8cc G320RC motor from Zenoah is their most powerful standard form factor motor to date! The G320RC Peaks to a massive 3.22hp of power output at a crazy 13,000 RPM which makes blowing away the competition an absolute breeze.

Horse Power

100% Complete (success)3.22


100% Complete31.8cc


Do keep in mind that for most RC models you will need to install the standard air-filter and exhaust (that came with your RC car).

Losi 5IVE-T | Losi DBXL

We recommend purchasing a shorter clutch mount for a correct installation (the stock Zenoah clutch mount is 2mm too long). You will need to use your flywheel cover from your old (stock) engine for correct installation. Everything else should bolt up nicely.

TLR (Losi) 5IVE-B

We recommend purchasing this shorter clutch mount for a correct installation (the stock Zenoah clutch mount is 2mm too long).

As you cannot use the stock flywheel cover like you can with the Losi 5IVE-T & Losi DBXL, (as it doesn't come with one) you will need to purchase this Rovan flywheel cover or the HPI flywheel cover separately for a correct installation. Everything else should bolt up nicely.

HPI Baja 5B | HPI Baja 5T | HPI Baja 5SC

We recommend purchasing this shorter spacer (alternatives: HPI-102164, HPI-87458 & HPI-87571) for a correct installation (the Zenoah clutch mount's mounting stud is too long). Everything else should bolt up nicely.

  • Recommended petrol: 95+ Octane
  • Recommended fuel/oil ratio: 25:1
  • Length: 167mm
  • Width: 216mm
  • Height: 197mm
  • Weight: 2.30kg
  • Displacement: 31.8cc
  • Clutch Engagement: 6000 RPM (STD Spring)
  • Carburetor: Walbro WT-1107
  • Spark Plug: NGK CMR7H
  Engine Horse Power Comparison

To help with your decision of choosing a new 2 stroke engine for your RC car (whether is it a HPI Baja, Losi 5IVE-T, Losi 5IVE-B, or another 1/5 scale RC car) we have gathered all the horse power ratings to show you the difference in power.

Zenoah G320 (32cc)

100% Complete (success)3.22hp

Zenoah G290 (29cc)

80% Complete (success)2.68hp

Zenoah G270 (26cc)

63% Complete (success)2.49hp

CY/HPI/Losi 26cc

60% Complete (success)2.40hp

CY/HPI/Losi 23cc

38% Complete (success)2.00hp

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