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Volante Tires have been 5 years in the making, with a team of engineer’s and factory drivers with 5time world champion Marc Rheinard that encompasses over 31 years of experience within the RC industry.
In the past few years it’s been no surprise that Touring Car Tires have struggled to meet the demands of racers, with serious drop off issues, tires exploding, and general Q&A issues. It’s for this very reason that Volante Tire was established and not released until we perfected the perfect compound.
Volante alongside it’s compound engineers and factory drivers have tested thousands of tires all over the world on multiple surfaces, from Carpet to Bitumen, to Asphalt to Boral Coat, which has enabled us to develop a touring car tire that meets the demands of serious racers all over the world, which includes, stability, traction, as well as quality assurance.
With many associations all over the world starting to use Volante as controlled tires, Including USA, Japan, Australia and Europe, it’s no wonder Volante is starting to become the choice of tire for racers all over the world.
With a dedicated around the clock facility, that includes state of the art machinery that is capable of producing 30,000 tires per month with each and everyone one meeting quality assurance, you can rest assured that Volante is the new name in RC tire technology.