FMS 7.4V 380mAh 5C Soft Case LiPo Battery

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Note: This product is classified as dangerous goods. Due to aviation safety laws, it can not be sent by air, including to New Zealand. If you add this to your cart, you will only see road delivery options, or to pick up from our store.
LiPo Charging: Always use a LiPo compatible charger when charging your Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Be sure to select the correct chemistry/setting for the LiPo battery you are charging, as charging on the wrong setting can cause violent fires if left unattended. Please use extreme caution and never charge LiPo batteries unattended. We also recommend using a LiPo Safe/Protection Bag while charging your LiPo batteries.
Total Voltage: 7.4
mAh: 380
Discharge C Rating: 5
Battery Type: LiPo
Connector Type: Molex 2P
Battery Length (mm): 40
Battery Width (mm): 20
Battery Height (mm): 13
Battery Weight (g): 20
Cell Voltage: 3.7
Lithium Case: Soft Case
"Stick" Size: No
Balance Lead Connector: JST-XH
R.O.A.R Approved: No
FMS 7.4V 380mAh 5C Soft Case LiPo Battery
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