Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion Pro 2300KV FOC-Sensored Brushless Motor w/ Built-in ESC for Rock Crawlers

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FOC (Field-Orientated Control) for Super Linearity & High Torque & Extreme Silence

New sensor technology has changed the feel, performance, and overall tune-ability of the new Axe ESC and Motor in ways some have never experienced. Field-oriented Control (FOC) is the name of this new tech and is new to the scale trail, rock racing, and RC world in-general. This new sensor style allows extremely accurate control and sensing of the motor while maintaining extreme performance and reliability. The motor and ESC can match the motor's RPM to your throttle position under all driving conditions. This greatly improves down hill driving giving this system the ability to drive downhill under complete control. FOC technology also makes the whole system extremely silent, and the motor doesn't create the annoying PWM noise when it is running.

Integrated design of Hobbywing's patent technology

The integrated design of the ESC makes the overall volume is only the size of 550 motors, and the overall weight is only 210g, which makes the layout and wiring of the car frame simpler and more beautiful, perfectly solves the difficulty of wiring due to the small internal space of the rock crawler.

Intelligent Torque Output & Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control

The Fusion system combined with Intelligent Torque output and closed-loop speed control means the power system will maintain the motor’s Torque level and RPM as the vehicle conditions change. Uphill, downhill, under load, the intelligent output torque makes the operation so simple. Note?If the“RPM/Throttle Matching” be set to “Disabled”, no intelligent torque output & speed closed-loop control, just like the brushed system.

FOC (Field-oriented Control) for Super Linearity & HighTorque & Extreme Mute

The Fusion Pro system adopts FOC driving mode; low-speed torque is strong. It runs smoothly at very low speed, outstripping ordinary sensored power system, even better than a brushed power system. Moreover, the motor is extremely silent when it is running. The driving noise which annoys the driver disappears. It is the best choice for a rock crawler.

Waterproof: Applicable to All Weather & Track Conditions

The IP-67 waterproof of the whole power has an excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. The whole power can easily drive on the muddy, sandy, icy, snowy, and water track under various weather conditions.

High Driving Efficiency for Long Battery Life

The whole power adopts FOC driving which has high efficiency and less heat, dramatically extending the runtime. Benefiting from the sine wave driving mode, the motor runs more silently and softly.

Professional Drag Brake Adjustments & Super Parking Capacity

8 gears of drag brake force and 9 gears of drag brake rate can meet different car models, different fields, and different controlling habits. The maximum drag brake force is about twice that of ordinary brushless power of the same size, providing super strong parking capacity on a slope.

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch

Compare to standard on/off switches, the dust, dirt, and waterproof electronic switch housing ensures a long reliable life for your power system, will not suffer from the problems that reed stuck, and contact rust frequently happened in a dusty and damp environment and the problem that mechanical switch closes automatically caused by a fierce impact.

  • The integrated design of the ESC and the motor greatly reduces the overall volume and weight and makes the layout and wiring of the car frame simpler and more convenient. 
  • In the FOC driving mode, low-speed torque is strong. Smooth running at extremely low speed, which is far superior to the common sensored brushless power system, even better than the brushed power.
  • Thanks to the sine wave driving mode, the whole system has high efficiency, small heat, and effectively extends the endurance time; and the motor runs more quietly and soft.
  • The protection grade of the whole system is IP67, with excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. Under various weather conditions, the whole system can easily deal with the complex road surface containing silt, ice and snow, and water.
  • Intelligent torque output and speed closed-loop control, fully experience the cruise control and steep slope slow descent function of 1:1 vehicle, making the control handy.
  • Active drag brake force adjustment, providing unprecedented parking capacity on a slope.
  • With a strong built-in switch mode BEC, the continuous current is up to 6A, and support switch between 6V and 7.4v, easy to drive various powerful steering servos and high-voltage steering servo. • Multiple protection functions: battery low voltage protection, overheat protection, throttle lost protection, lock-up protection.
  • Supports HOBBYWING LED program box to set ESC parameters and has an independent parameter setting interface, which is integrated with an electronic switch, making setting parameters more convenient.

  • Brushless: Yes
  • Motor Volume: 550
  • Cont./Peak Current: 60A/200A
  • Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo/6-9 Cell NiMH
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V adjustable, continuous current 6A (Switch mode)
  • Poles: 4
  • Input Wires: 330mm Red-14AWG / 330mm Black-14AWG
  • Motor Diameter Length: 3.175mm (1.8")
  • Shaft Length: 16mm (0.62")
  • Input Connector: XT60 (factory installed)
  • Programming Port: Independent programming interface (Switch position)
  • Size / Weight: 36x64mm (1.41/2.51"), 210g (0.46lbs) w/ wires

Included items
Description QTY
2300KV FOC Brushless Motor w/ Built-In ESC 1
Heatsink Kit w/ Double-Sided Tape & Zip Ties 1
Decals & Manual 1
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
For Motor Type: Brushless
Max Voltage: 11.1
Continuous Amps: 60
Motor Connectors: N/A
Battery Connector: XT60
LiPo Cut-off: Yes
Programmable: Yes
Waterproof Design: Yes
Cooling Method: Air
BEC Voltage: Programmable
Dual Motor: No
Motor Type: Brushless
Can Length (mm): 58
Can Diameter (mm): 37
KV (RPM/V): 2300
Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.175 (1/8")
Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion Pro 2300KV FOC-Sensored Brushless Motor w/ Built-in ESC for Rock Crawlers
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Rc user
High quality I wish it had come with a program card but didn’t

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