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Kyosho has captured the stunning style and performance of the JF class yacht racing in a model worthy of its high-end status. The classic design of the 'Seawind' has cruised the waterways with grace and speed since it hoisted its colours more than 20 years ago. The large aspect ratio of the long span keel and tight response from the push-pull rudder control make up the Seawind's race-ready specifications. Sharp acceleration brings the Seawind quickly up to full speed while exceptional energy efficiency delivers maximum stability in light winds so you can use light breeze like a pro. The Readyset includes a moulded one-piece ABS hull factory finished in a beautiful colour design that comes fitted with a 2.4GHz RC system that automatically manages frequency band selection. With the Seawind, you can be cutting a wake through the water in a high-end racing yacht in next to no time, and at a reasonable cost too. In addition, the mast, keel and rudder can be detached without the use of any tools for compact storage and transport so you can take it with you on holidays without it taking up a lot of space. The sail and rudder servos are waterproof and deliver exceptional reliability under various conditions.

Answer the call of the wind with this high-level Seawind Readyset.


Key Features

High Torque Servo

The Seawind features a waterproof, high-torque KS9071-20SW sail servo and KS4031-06W rudder servo, delivering precise and reliable performance, even in challenging conditions.

Low Resistance Ballast

Engineered for speed with a low-resistance keel & ballast design. This optimised configuration minimises drag in the water, allowing yacht to reach peak performance. Additionally, the environmentally friendly, lead-free ballast ensures responsible construction without compromising performance.

Original Rudder Design

Experience exceptional responsiveness with the original rudder design. This innovative system delivers sharp control for precise manoeuvres and confident handling, allowing you to master the waves with ease.

Aluminium Design

Engineered with an extruded high-strength aluminium mast and boom for exceptional durability and unwavering performance. This robust construction ensures the yacht can handle demanding conditions and rigorous manoeuvres.

Scale Look

Includes a comprehensive set of scale accessories for an authentic racing yacht experience. These detailed parts bring your model to life, replicating the look and feel of a real racing vessel.

KT-431S Transmitter

Features the 2.4GHz KT-431S R/C system for refined control. This system automatically allocates its own frequency band when powered on, eliminating the need for manual channel selection and ensuring uninterrupted performance.

  • Readyset installed with 2.4Ghz R/C system realised at a value price
  • Pre-assembled one-piece ABS hull complete with colouring
  • Aluminium mast and boom are hard anodised for extra strength
  • Features extruded high strength aluminium mast and boom
  • Features pre-cut and sewn spin cloth main and jib sails
  • Large aspect ratio keel provides low resistance and excellent performance even under strong winds
  • Super strong structure features shaft from deck through to the ballast
  • Ballast is lead-free for environmentally friendly specifications
  • Equipped with rubber cap for easy water release from the hull
  • Packed with accessory parts for extra detail as a display model
  • Push-pull rudder and sail control provides sure control for sharp racing performance
  • Features waterproof sail and rudder servo
  • The main mast keel ballast and rudder can be detached without the use of any tools

  • Length: 998 mm (39.29 in)
  • Height: 1850 mm (72.83 in)
  • Weight: 3100 g (108.69 oz)
  • Beam: 226 mm (8.89 in)
  • Hull Type: N/A
  • Motor: N/A

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  • 4 x AA Transmitter Batteries
  • 4 x AA Receiver Batteries
Kyosho Seawind Racing Yacht RTR
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