Pandora RC 1/10 Toyota Altezza/BN Sports Unpainted Body Shell

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 This is the body shell only (wheels/chassis not included) and may require body post holes to be drilled.

  • 1/10 use
  • The product is non-painting.
  • Body made by polycarbonate
  • Decare & masking is attached
  • Front bumper inner(made by polycarbonate)
  • Instrument panel parts
  • Front & rear light parts attachment
  • The image of the publication is a painting example.
  • The sale product becomes the clear body.
  • The accessories such as a mirror or the windshield wiper are not in the product.
  • Made in Japan
  • Approved by Toyota Motor Corporation

How To: Paint an RC Body Shell

Learn how to paint your own custom RC body shell with this step by step guide. Hamish will walk you through the process of painting your RC body shell as he paints a clear 1/10 Subaru Impreza for his 1/10 MST MS-01D drift car.

Some Pandora Body Shells are supplied with a blank sheet of masking paper. A printable window stencil for this body shell can be found HERE
Body Shell
Body Scale: 1/10
Body Style: On Road
Paint Required: Yes
Wheelbase (mm): 257-260
Body Width (mm): 198
Pandora RC 1/10 Toyota Altezza/BN Sports Unpainted Body Shell
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