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Introducing the 1/6 scale Jetstream RTR from Pro Boat, where RC meets the thrill of full-size jet boating. Unleash it in any water, conquering challenges like a pro. The ultimate basher's RC jet boat, taking on rough waters with ease. Tackle streams, jumps, and whitewater fearlessly with this top-tier RC boat. From bow to stern, the 24-inch Jetstream dominates the RC boat realm. Its jet pump system's reverse gate stands out, aiding in trailer manoeuvring and quick water braking. This feature, among others, mirrors the scale of real boats. Empowered by a water-cooled brushless system, the Jetstream conquers streams. Built tough, it boasts an armour-plated hull, replaceable wear ring, and the SSL quick battery swap for non-stop action.

Check out the Jetstream with two licensed liveries: Blake Wilkey Death Boat and MoJo H2O. Realistic features include roll cage, cockpit, LED bars, and adjustable pilot figure. This propeller-free RC jet boat excels on ponds and lakes, making tricks and manoeuvres easy. RTR package includes Spektrum SLT3 radio for control. Upgrades offer durability and Smart telemetry. Enjoy thrilling RC boating!

Key Features
Durable Composite Impeller & Intake Grate

This durable composite impeller and intake grate provide efficient, powerful propulsion. The intake grate is designed to pull in as much water as needed while maintaining the less than 2" of water required to keep the Jetstream on plane.

Hard-Mounted IC5 Connector Holder

The hard-mounted IC5 connector holder does more than keep your battery wires away from moving parts. It makes battery installation is as simple as slapping your pack into the boat and pushing in your battery connector. When you're done shredding, just pull the connector out to power down.

Scale Poseable Driver

The Jetstream's scale driver figure can be posed casually grabbing the roof rack or with both hands on the wheel. Inspired by Mini Boat Mafia driver Blake Wilkey, the figure includes such details as a hat, sunglasses, and a pair of coms.

Jet Pump Protection & Adjustability

The powerful jet pump with adjustable nozzle trim is protected by a full-length stern ride plate that has replaceable and adjustable trim tabs. Armour plating for both the stern and two side rails, made from high-strength and impact resistant glass-filled nylon, provides the ultimate in under hull protection. Two scale aluminium turnbuckles make trim tab adjustment a breeze, just like the real thing. Stainless steel pins on the intake prevent damage by stopping debris and rocks from entering the impeller.

Reverse Gate For Realistic Manoeuvring

The reverse gate allows you to manoeuvre your Jetstream in and out of the current, or back it off a trailer for the ultimate realism.

Waterproof Front & Rear LED Light Bars

The Jetstream's roof rack has a forward-facing light bar with super-bright LEDs and rear-facing sequenced LED racing lights. Both light bars are waterproof and can easily be turned on or off.

Stainless Steel Wear Ring

Upgraded right from the start, the jet pump housing is equipped with a replaceable stainless steel wear ring. This allows for precise impeller clearances while providing the extreme durability needed when running on thin water laced with pebbles and sand.

High-Performance Water-Cooled Brushless System

This water-cooled brushless system sends your Jetstream up the biggest streams while also providing the power you need to correct and manoeuvre your boat. The dual stage motor cooler keeps it running at the coolest of temps while you bash up and down the toughest obstacles.

SSL Quick Battery Swap

This Pro Boat SSL (Strap/Slide/Lock) battery tray system lets you swap batteries in the blink of an eye! No more struggling to get a battery strap tightened in the small confines of a boat. Buy additional battery trays, and you can have extra batteries ready to slap in and keep the fun going.

1/6 Scale Realism

Choose from two awesome liveries for your Jetstream. One reproduces the famous Blake Wilkey Death Boat. The other features custom, high-impact graphics with a MoJo H2O livery. The Jetstream also has a full cockpit, steering wheel, deck material, simulated speakers, high-strength roll cage, and roof rack with a bright, forward-facing light bar and rear-facing racing lights.

Dual Material Hull Construction

The main hull is built from sturdy and rigid ABS for strength, while the underside includes long-lasting, replaceable armour plating made of durable nylon glass fibre composite. The plating is located down the centre of the hull as well as the two chines. The armour plates also extend back past the hull to protect the jet pump during extreme use.

Optional Upgrades Available

Want to upgrade the performance and durability of your Pro Boat 1/6 scale Jetstream? An aluminium intake grate with stainless steel pins and full CNC-machined stainless steel impeller are available for taking your boat to the extreme.

High-Quality Electronics

The Jetstream arrives loaded with electronics you can trust. Two Spektrum servos control the steering and reverse gate. For maintaining a rock-solid connection to the shore, the ready-to-run package also includes a Spektrum SLT3 transmitter and SLR300 3-channel receiver.

Stainless Steel Hardware

The Jetstream is equipped with all stainless steel hardware to prevent rust in wet conditions. This keeps your boat looking fresh and clean without the need to change out rusty screws.

Spektrum Smart Ready

It's easy to upgrade your Jetstream for Smart functionality. The boat comes equipped with the mounting posts needed to install an optional Firma 120A Brushless Smart Marine ESC. Paired with your choice of Spektrum Smart radio, it will convert this incredible jet boat to full Smart telemetry.

Officially Licensed Trim Schemes

The Jetstream is available with a choice of officially licensed trim schemes from Shreddy and MoJo, giving the boat wicked styling right out of the box.

  • High-performance, water-cooled brushless system
  • Durable composite impeller and intake grate
  • Full length stern ride plate with adjustable trim tabs
  • Reverse gate for realistic manoeuvring
  • Stainless steel wear ring for extreme durability
  • SSL (Strap/Slide/Lock) quick battery swap system
  • Officially licensed liveries from Shreddy and MoJo
  • Roll cage, full cockpit, steering wheel, deck material, and simulated speakers
  • Scale poseable driver figure inspired by Blake Wilkey
  • Waterproof front and rear LED light bars
  • Sturdy, rigid ABS main hull with armour-plated underside
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • High-quality Spektrum SLT3 radio and electronics
  • Genuine Pro Boat Product
  • Length: 610 mm (24 in)
  • Height: 225 mm (8.9 in)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg (7lbs)
  • Beam: 320 mm (12.6 in)
  • Hull Type: Deep V
  • Motor: Brushless 4068 1600kv
Included items
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Pro Boat 1/6 24" Jetstream RTR Jet Boat 1
Spektrum SLT3 3-Channel Transmitter 1
Spektrum SLR300 3-Channel Receiver 1
Spektrum 100A Brushless Watercooled Marine ESC 1
Spektrum Firma 4068 1600KV Brushless Marine Motor 1
Spektrum S603 Standard Analog Waterproof Servo 1
1/6 24" Jetstream Jet Boat Product Manual 1
AA Transmitter Batteries 1
Boat Stand 1
Required items (not included)
Assembly Type: RTR
Length: 610
Motor Type: Brushless
Boat Skill Level: Intermediate
Boat Power Source: Electric
Hull Type: Deep V
Pro Boat 1/6 24" Jetstream RTR Jet Boat - Mojo Orange
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