UDI RC UDI 14" Inkfish V-Hull Electric RTR RC Jetski - Black/Green

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Dive into the world of RC boating with the UDI RC 362mm long jet-ski, boasting a shallow V-shaped hull for unmatched strength and performance. Crafted from high-strength ABS, this model excels in shallow and rocky waters, navigating smoothly without the fear of entanglement. Featuring the advanced UA37 wireless control system, it promises long-distance control with a robust 2.4Ghz signal, complemented by dual protection from low battery and out of range alarms, ensuring you're always in control. Unlike traditional models, the Inkfish' jet-ski's spray pump structure and hidden propeller design eliminate safety concerns and depth limitations, enhancing propulsion efficiency. Plus, with a simple press of a button, it rights itself after capsizing, making it not just a high-performance RC boat but also a collector's piece with its exquisite simulated hull design.

Key Features

Front Navigation Lights

Control front lights for night drives, ensuring visibility and enhancing enjoyment.


Rear light control for night navigation, maintaining constant ship posture for added fun.

Rubber Anti-Collision Strip

Bow's anti-collision rubber strip minimizes hull damage from impacts.

Shallow Draft

Water jet propulsion allows safe navigation in shallow and rocky areas without entanglement risks.

Waterproof Steering Gear

Features high torque 9g waterproof steering gear for precise control.

Battery And Charger

Comes with a balanced charger and a 7.4V, 2000mAh lithium battery, eliminating extra accessory concerns.

  • Efficient spray pump design enhances realism and performance
  • Navigate safely with easily controllable LED lights
  • Durable anti-collision strip reduces damage risk
  • Authentic simulation design for realistic jet-ski experience
  • Instant acceleration with a single click feature
  • Capsize recovery with one-button return functionality
  • Advanced water cooling system for optimal performance
  • Low power alarm for timely recharge reminders
  • Genuine UDI RC product
  • Over-distance alarm ensures safe operational range

  • Length: 362mm (14.25 inches)
  • Height: 110mm (4.33 inches)
  • Weight: 653/659g~ (23/23.28 ounces~)
  • Beam: 127mm (5 inches)
  • Hull Type: Shallow-V
  • Motor: Water Cooled Carbon Brushed Motor

Included items
Description QTY
Boat with ESC and Motor 1
User Manual 1
2.4GHz Transmitter 1
Maintenance tools 1
Rechargeable battery 1
Charger 1
Required items (not included)
Assembly Type: RTR
Length: 362
Motor Type: Brushed
Power Source: Electric
Boat Skill Level: Beginner
Boat Power Source: Electric
Hull Type: V
UDI RC UDI 14" Inkfish V-Hull Electric RTR RC Jetski - Black/Green
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