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Futaba BLS571SV Servo Specifications
  • Total Height (A) = 29.9mm
  • Body Width (B) = 40.6mm
  • Below Mount (C) = 16.5mm
  • Above Mount (D) = 11.4mm
  • Total Length (E) = 54.7mm
  • Total Width (F) = 19.6mm
RC Hobby Servo Specifications

How to Install a Servo

Learn how to install a steering servo correctly to increase steering perfomance, and avoid stripping your servo gears out.

Servo Size Standard
Servo Spline Count 25
Drive Motor Type Brushless
Waterproof Casing No
Gear Material Metal
Torque kg/cm 11
Signal Type Digital
Case Material Plastic
Rotational Degrees 120o (Normal)
6.0v Sec/60 Degrees 0.10
"A" Measurement 29.9
"B" Measurement 40.6
"C" Measurement 16.5
"D" Measurement 11.4
"E" Measurement 54.7
"F" Measurement 19.6

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