Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Subaru BRZ (ZD8) Electric On Road RC Car Kit w/o ESC

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The Subaru BRZ is a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe designed for driving purists. Its nimble handling, precise steering, and rev-happy boxer engine deliver an engaging and balanced driving experience, making it a true enthusiast's car.

TT-02 Chassis Balanced and adaptable shaft drive 4WD

The TT-02 chassis is a shaft-driven 4WD platform that offers great stability with its longitudinal layout of the battery and motor. It is also easy to assemble and maintain, thanks to its symmetrical suspension arms and uprights, and simple gearboxes. You can customise the chassis to suit your preferences, as it has 2 options for wheelbase, ground clearance and tread, as well as 10 possible gear ratios. The chassis also looks cool, with wheel hubs that look like brake discs and sleek front bumper supports.

Key Features

Easy-to-remove gearbox cover

Simply loosen the screws on the frame to access the gearbox.

Smooth and stable differential gears

The 4-bevel gears are moulded for optimal performance and cornering.

Flexible and comfortable steering linkage

The resin ball links allow for smooth motion and easy adjustment.

Realistic and stylish wheel hubs

The hubs are designed to resemble brake discs for a cool look.

Controllable and adjustable suspension

The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension uses friction dampers for a smooth ride.

Dust-proof and dirt-proof receiver case

The receiver is protected by a case that keeps it clean and safe.

Removable and optional cooling duct

The motor cover has a cooling duct that can be removed if not needed. (not attached in above image)

  • Body shell is made from high quality polycarbonate, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Officially Licensed by Subaru
  • Exquisite detail has been taken to faithfully recreate this new age tuning hero
  • The model includes a brushed motor for reliable performance, and comes with trim detail stickers for added customisation
  • 540 sized brushed motor is included
  • Built on the TT-02 chassis, which is known for its superior adaptability and stability
  • TT-02 chassis is shaft-driven 4WD, ensuring excellent performance on a variety of surfaces
  • These rims are paired with racing radial tyres, ensuring optimal grip and handling during races

  • Length: 426 mm (16.77 in)
  • Width: 188 mm (7.40 in)
  • Height: 131 mm (5.16 in)
  • Wheelbase: 257 mm (10.12 in)
  • Weight: Varies
  • Tyre Diameter/Width F/R: 67 mm/27 mm (2.64 in/1.06 in)
  • Chassis: On Road
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Gears: 8.27:1
  • Suspension: Coil Over Shock Absorbers
  • Motor: 540 Sized Brushed Motor
  • ESC: Not Included

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Description QTY
Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Subaru BRZ (ZD8) Electric On Road RC Car Kit 1
540 Sized Motor 1
Required items (not included)
Assembly Type: Kit
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric Brushed
Chassis Type: Car
On/Off Road: On Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power:
Battery connector:
Front shock oil:
Wheel hex size: 12
Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Subaru BRZ (ZD8) Electric On Road RC Car Kit w/o ESC
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