Vanquish RC are known to produce some of the highest quality 1/10 RC crawler upgrade parts and accessories on the market for a wide range of RC rock crawler trucks/rock racers such as the Axial SCX10, SCX10 II, Yeti, Wraith & RR10 Bomber just to name a few.

With a company mission to produce the most durable RC upgrades parts and accessories out of tough, lasting materials with the highest level of workmanship.

So if you're looking to build a tough, tricked out 1/10 RC crawler/rock racer then you can't go past some of Vanquish's precisely CNC aluminium upgrades with 1/10 scaled parts such as Currie & RockJock differentials, Method, MKC & OMF beadlock rims Vanquish are your one stop rc crawler hop up shop.

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