34362 | Kyosho 1/10 Outlaw Rampage PRO 2RSA Series Electric 2WD RC Truck Kit

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Experience the dynamic control of this 2WD trophy truck, packed with optional performance parts as standard!

Embodying the defining mechanics of a real production model trophy truck, the scale 2WD Outlaw Rampage is about 80% pre-assembled in an ARR kit, including the optional upgrade components that mark this machine as a “PRO” version. While power and steering control is more challenging than a 4WD model, the superior running stability and overall functionality of this rear-wheel 2WD is realized from the roll cage, long-stroke aluminium oil shocks, stabilizers on front and rear with 3 different wire gauge settings, and aluminium skid pads that protect the chassis. With easy controllability and wider scope for setting adjustments, the true dynamic performance of 2WD truck racing is in your hands.


High strength and easy maintenance of the bathtub type chassis combines with a reinforced frame and dustproof monocoque radio box for increased durability in hard driving.


Real roll cage with two spare tyres delivers scale appearance and provides structural and setting functionality. Changing from horizontally mounted tyres to 1 vertically mounted and changing the length can alter the weight balance to adjust rear traction characteristics.

Mounting 1 or 2 tyres as well as changing the longitudinal length significantly influences rear grip. These parts play a functional role in enhancing driving stability.


Wiper style steering system delivers improved durability and reliability for off-road performance. Turnbuckle tierods with front toe angle adjustment are included as standard. Six ball bearings (4 in wiper post, 2 in steering plate) realise ultra-smooth movement.


Aluminium oil shocks feature scratch-resistant hard-anodized cases that work combined with titanium coated shafts for smooth shock movement—large capacity aeration-type shock absorbers with long-stroke promise superior performance over the roughest terrain.


Stabiliser bars equipped on front and rear control chassis roll through cornering to improve driving stability. Three-wire gauges are available for setting according to specific conditions: 1.8/2.2/2.6mm for the front, 2.2/2.6/3.0mm for the rear.


Aluminium front skidpad protects the front bumper and chassis and completes a real trophy truck's powerful look and feel.


Aluminium rear skidpad protects the motor and gearbox over rough roads and jump landings and adds weight to the underside of the chassis to lower the centre gravity to improve running performance.


Original tread pattern tyres match the body style to replicate authentic truck style while delivering dominant driving characteristics. The 3-piece structure of the silver-plated wheels removes the need to glue tyres while recreating that authentic truck look. It can be disassembled to wash rubber tyres.


This kit does not include line decals.

  • ARR Kit is nearly fully pre-assembled and includes performance-enhancing optional parts as standard.
  • Full ball bearing specifications (20 bearings) ensure smooth movement with minimal drive loss.
  • 3-piece front bumper protects the chassis from hard crash damage.
  • Front double-wishbone suspension with longer sus arms realises excellent driving stability and traction.
  • The rear suspension is linked to the rigid axle differential to deliver smooth movement and superior traction control.
  • The gearbox features 32-pitch module counter gear and diff gear. Reinforcement of both gears and large modules realises increased strength (spur gear is 48-pitch).
  • The lever lock holder allows easy removal of the battery.
  • The connector holder allows the connector to the radio plate to be removed with one hand.
  • Hex screws are used throughout for easy maintenance.
  • Pre-cut clear scale body recreates 1970-80s trophy truck style.
  • Choose either square or round headlights with the two front grill styles included.
  • Compatible with LED light unit (No. 97054-2: two lights, 97054-4: four lights) for easy installation.
  • Length: 561mm (22.08")
  • Width: 262mm (10.3") w/ Body
  • Height: 231mm(9.09") w/ Body
  • Wheelbase: 335mm (13.1")
  • Tread (F/R): 204mm/204mm (8.03/8.03")
  • Tyres (F/R interchangeable): φ108×38mm (4.25x1.29")
  • Gear Ratio: 12.65:1
  • Weight: 2600g (5.73lbs) approx.
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Approximately 80% Pre-Assembled ARR Kit 1
Pre-Cut Clear Body 1
Decals 1
Hex Wrench 1
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Required items (not included)

  • 2/3 channel transmitter and receiver
  • Steering servo
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • 540 brushed/3650 brushless sized motor
  • 4 x AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • Compatible Battery & Charger

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