Raceform 1/10 60-70mm Wheel Arch Cutter

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Introducing Raceform's first on-road specific accessory, the Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter. This tool effortlessly trims flawless wheel arcs repeatedly, enhancing your car's appearance and performance by improving airflow. It also protects your beautifully painted body from damage during trimming. The Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter ensures symmetrical wheel arcs, providing a predictable drive. It's designed for 1/10 Touring, adjustable from 60mm to 70mm diameter, and compatible with any standard hobby knife blade. Its secured position design and tri-bearing position make perfect arcs achievable. It's safe and suitable for lexan up to 1mm.


  • Revolutionises RC life with style and ease
  • Introducing our first on-road specific pit accessory
  • Trims perfect wheel arcs consistently without hassle
  • Enhances body aesthetics and improves performance
  • Prevents damage to your beautifully painted body
  • Ensures proper air flow for predictable driving
  • 100% symmetrical wheel arcs for balanced performance
  • Eliminates risk of damaging painted shells during trimming
  • Adjustable from 60mm to 70mm diameter, suitable for 1/10 Touring
  • Super safe design, blade isn't exposed during cutting

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Raceform 1/10 60-70mm Wheel Arch Cutter
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