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Since 1988, I have been engaged in the retail service industry of RC. At that time, it was a very beautiful era. RC was just an emerging industry. All RC brand innovative development products. Every day I think about it after work and I can play RC with my friends. Next time What car to assemble to race, at that time I often went to Japan to purchase some RC parts, and thus got to know the core of an industry, so I ended my retail business in 1995.

We established WORLD SPACE CAD INDUSTRIAL COMPANY in 1995, and transferred from retail business to production.This is a huge change.We started to Working on CNC processing work. How to design and process products is a very challenging task. From the initial 1 CNC MILLING center to 3...5...10...20 units, produced in Hong Kong and transferred to China in 2003 Production until now.

In 2008, we established our own brand (3RACING). In 2010, SAKURA ZERO was officially born, and we took our team of drivers to Thailand TITC for the race. I was very excited!