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Will these fit my car?

Method 1 (recommended)

The quickest and easiest way to see if a product/part will fit your car is to use the parts finder where you can easily Shop by model.

Shop by model Method 2 (for OEM parts only)

The other way is to find the SKU (part number) in your model's manual. Most RC cars even come with an exploded view which will make locating the correct part number easy.

Method 3 (for aftermarket parts)

Besides reading the products title for your model the only other way (unless you can tell purely from the image) is by measuring parts.
This is sometimes impossible for some parts (like suspension arms and hubs) but can be very easy for parts like:

  • Screws
  • Wheels
  • Pinion gears
  • Nuts
  • Bearings
Method 4

If you've tried all methods above and you're still scratching your head, then it might be time to contact the experts. If you do, please be ready with all the information you already know like SKU, brand, model and if you don't know any of them, make sure you send a picture of the part you need and the car you have.

How do I know the size?

Various sizes & specs are listed under the specifications tab on the product's page.

If the specific size or measurement you're looking for isn't there, please contact us.