ZTW Beast G2 SL 50A Waterproof Brushless ESC

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Fits 110 Vehicles

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The ZTW brand ESC is designed with a high-performance 32-bit microprocessor, ensuring superior motor output and processing power. Its construction from high-quality components not only guarantees its reliability but also its durability. This ESC features built-in protection against low voltage, thermal overload, and throttle signal loss, efficiently extending its lifespan. Additionally, its waterproof design guarantees flawless operation in all weather conditions. Programming is made simple and user-friendly with the ZTW LED G2 program card, making it a convenient choice for all your needs.

  • Equipped with high-performance 32-bit microprocessor for superior output
  • Constructed from high-quality components for unmatched reliability
  • Features built-in protection: low voltage, thermal, throttle signal loss
  • Waterproof design ensures operation in all weather conditions
  • Supports easy programming with the ZTW LED G2 program card
  • Designed to efficiently prolong the service life of the ESC

Included items
Description QTY
1/10 Beast SL 50A G2 Waterproof ESC 1
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
For Motor Type: Brushless
Max Voltage: 11.1
Continuous Amps: 50
Motor Connectors: 4.0mm Bullet
Battery Connector: XT60
LiPo Cut-off: Yes
Programmable: Yes
Waterproof Design: Yes
Cooling Method: Fan
BEC Voltage: 6
Dual Motor: No
ZTW Beast G2 SL 50A Waterproof Brushless ESC
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Fits 18 HPI Cars
Fits 65 MST Cars
Fits 17 Tamiya Cars
Fits 6 HSP Cars
Fits 4 Traxxas Cars