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720200 | Hobbies Direct™ FlySky GT2 Throttle Limiter Set 5 2


Perfect for when you're buying your child's first truck and want them develop their driving skills (without crashing too many times).

 Included Items
  • 1 25% Throttle Limiter #1 = Slow
  • 1 50% Throttle Limiter #2 = Medium
  • 1 75% Throttle Limiter #3 = Fast
  • 1 2.6x18mm Screw
  Required Items (Not Included)
  • 1 1.5mm Allen Key or Hex Driver
How to fit a Hobbies Direct Throttle Limiter

Hamish goes over the range of Hobbies Direct FlySky GT2 throttle limiters in each size, and give a real world comparison of the kind of effect each limiter will have on your cars over-all speed.

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