HSP 1/10 Storm BL 2WD Electric Brushless Off Road RTR RC Short Course Truck

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This is a great entry level RC truck to get you started in the exciting hobby of RC!  

HSP has gone all out on this 1/10 2WD RC short course truck, with it's durable 2WD chassis, powerful 3300Kv brushless motor, 3500mAH 7.4v LiPo Battery and includes a G.T. Power B3 LiPo Charger that charges the included battery in just over 2 hours! You can even race around on rainy days as the Storm is 100% water-resistant.

The Storm BL comes with everything you need (except 8 AA batteries for the remote).

To power this beast of a short course truck through dirt, grass, mud, water, and anything else you can throw at it is the Hobbywing brushless ESC and powerful 3652 (540 Size) 3300Kv brushless motor! Whether you're just starting off in the hobby or simply wanting to expand your RC range, the HSP 1/10 Storm BL is the ultimate package. Hobbies Direct stocks all the standard and upgrade HSP parts for all the HSP cars we stock.

Run time
30 Mins
Top speed
Skill level
Charge time
2.3 Hours
Check out the HSP 1/10 RC Storm BL Brushless 2WD electric short course truck in action!

Strong & Flexible HSP Bumpers
Strong & Flexible Bumpers

The HSP Storm is equipped with very strong and super flexible plastic bumpers to absorb all the impacts you might have while driving this beast.

HSP Storm Slipper Clutch
Slipper Clutch

HSP have installed an adjustable slipper clutch to protect the drive-train from the impacts of jumps, wheelies and everyday bashing!

HSP Storm Suspension System
Expertly Engineered Suspension System

The HSP Storm has four oil-filled shocks that can be adjusted to suit your driving style and terrain. HSP have spent a long time perfecting the suspension geometry to ensure you're the fastest on the track!

G.T. Power B3 Fast/Balance LiPo Charger
G.T. Power B3 Fast/Balance LiPo Charger

Quick charge times! With a 2.3 hour charge time you can spend less time waiting for them to charge and more time bashing! You always want to use a quality charger like the B3 to ensure a long lifetime for your battery and provide peace of mind while charging.

Drive With Confidence - Flysky GT2
Drive With Confidence

The FlySky GT2 has a super long range of ~300 metres and comes with a built-in programmable fail-safe which means if it loses connection the vehicle will just roll to a gentle stop.

Genuine HSP Parts
Genuine Parts Support

Hobbies Direct stocks all replacement HSP parts for this model to ensure you get back up and running in no time! Or if you want to hop up your ride check out the most popular upgrade parts below.

  • 100% Water Resistant
  • 540 3300Kv Brushless Motor
  • 60A Programmable Waterproof ESC
  • 2.4Ghz Radio w/ Inbuilt Fail Safe
  • Steel Differential Gears
  • Steel Driveshafts
  • Oil Filled Shocks
  • Full Set of Ball Bearings
  • Large 3500mAH 7.4v LiPo Rechargeable Battery
  • G.T Power B3 1.5A Fast LiPo Charger
  • All Standard & Optional Parts Available
  • Length: 570mm (22.44")
  • Width: 272mm (10.70")
  • Height: 195mm (7.67")
  • Weight: 1928g (4.25Lbs) Including battery
  • Wheel Base: 325mm (12.78")
  • Ground Clearance: 36mm (1.41")
  • Drivetrain: 2WD
Required items (not included)
Assembly Type: Ready to Run
Max LiPo Power: 3S (11.1v)
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric Brushless
Chassis Type: Short Course
On/Off Road: Off Road
Drivetrain: 2WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power:
Battery connector:
Front shock oil:
Rear shock oil: 32.5w
Wheel hex size: 12
HSP 1/10 Storm BL 2WD Electric Brushless Off Road RTR RC Short Course Truck
19 reviews
Craig Euler
Holy cow!!! This thing is un-driveable!!!!! Constantly throws donuts when throttle applied. I am so used to driving 4WD stuff both on and off the road and this beast is just a misbehaving monster. My son enjoyed driving it more doing three wheel burnouts and barrel rolls back onto it's wheels then he promptly drove it full throttle in to a bus shelter seat thingy on the side line of our local netball courts and it got wedged under a rail and I thought for sure it was wrecked but no. The body shell split a little but the car was fine. Awesome!! But I crashed my Tamiya race truck up it's back side and it pooped a drive shaft and chipped the drive cup but such an easy fix with the ball joint upper arms!!! I am however getting a gyro of some sort (as someone suggested) to help with the steering problems (mine I'm sure not the cars) because I don't have the brain capacity to use anything but full throttle with this thing!!! But such a great awesome sexy un-driveable beast. Thanks HD!!

Luke Johnson
Thank you Hobbies Direct, absolutely love the Storm. It's quick, pretty durable and a lot of fun. Does need the upgraded stub axles, idler gear and shocks but once upgraded INSANE little car.

Absolute ripper of an RC vehicle. My first and she rips straight out of the box plus isn't overly expensive. I've done some upgrades to her since and yeah absolute beast.

Lachlan Curtis
Great entry into 1/10 vehicles. This is a tough truck although I would recommend taping the inside of the body, and perhaps grabbing a set of the steel rear wheel axles as the stock ones are prone to breaking (as one of mine did).

Angie Carlino
Love it. When there was a concern, the team addressed it quickly. I will continue to buy from hobbies direct any time.

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