Louise 3.3" 1/10 Maxx 4S MT-Pioneer MFT Tyres on (1/2 Offset) Black Rims - Beadlocked Wheels 2Pcs

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Bead-Lock wheels

For some time now, the popularity of Bead-Lock wheels has been growing, in particular, due to their scale-looks of the fixing screws in the outer rings of the wheel.

The big difference between Bead-Lock and regular wheels. With Bead-Lock wheels, the tires are not glued but clamped and screwed onto the wheel. The special way of clamping and the strong fastening of the screws ensures that the tire stays firmly on the wheel.

Due to the extreme loads during driving, cornering, and high jumps, the design of the wheel and the materials used are extremely important. The proper flexibility and strength allow the Louise RC wheels to withstand these heavy forces.

The wheels are made of a mixture of high quality nylon granulates, charged with fiber or without. These composites have been specially developed by DupontĀ® for Louise RC.

Tire inserts

The tires are mounted either with special preformed foam inserts or with cut-to-size foam inserts. The inserts are selected in a specific density and size in order to guarantee perfect dampening and form stability of the tire.

MFT Technology

MFT stands for Micro Fiber Technology. This technology indicates the presence of a textile belt in the rubber tread of the tire to prevent the tire from deforming and ballooning during high speed operations.

The MFT technology keeps the tire in shape, even during powerful accelerations and high-speed runs.

The well-known ballooning of a normal tire without MFT technology that disturbs the entire shape and where the diameter of the tire changes under these extreme conditions, is now part of the past. MFT Technology provides increased stability, significant more road contact, and the tire life is extended.

Sport Compound

Louise RC has years of experience in producing high performance tires for RC cars. The RC hobby driver and the RC basher have totally different requirements for the tires than the RC competition car driver. From this experience, the special sports rubber compound has been developed. The sport rubber compound comes in 2 densities, soft or medium-soft. For the lighter 1/10 cars, the soft compound is mainly used and for the more powerful and usually heavier 1/8 models, the medium-soft compound is applied.


The tire with MFT technology is usually a bit heavier and larger in size than normal tires without the MFT technology. We recommend to check your gear ratio and adjust if needed. We also recommend updating your steering servo as these tires provide more grip and may overload a standard servo.

Rim's Car Side Outer Diameter (Inches): 3.3
Rim's Car Side Outer Diameter (mm): 84
Rim's Curb Side Outer Diameter (Inches): 3.3
Rim's Curb Side Outer Diameter (mm): 84
Rim's Width (mm): 58
Rim's Suited Vehicle Type: Truck
Rim's Hex Size (mm): 17
Rim's Attachment Type: Hex
Rim's Tyre Attachment Method: Beadlock
Tyre's Outer Diameter (mm): 137
Tyre's Suited Rim Width (mm): 58
Tyre's Suited Terrain Type: Off Road
Tyre's Suited Vehicle Type: Truck
Tyre's Fitment Method: Beadlock
Louise 3.3" 1/10 Maxx 4S MT-Pioneer MFT Tyres on (1/2 Offset) Black Rims - Beadlocked Wheels 2Pcs
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