Pro Boat Jet Jam 12" Electric RC Speed Boat - Orange

Brand: Pro Boat | SKU: PRB08031T1
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The self-righting Pro Boat Jet Jam is one of the coolest boats on the market. It’s perfect for a day at the lake or an afternoon at the pool. Whether the sun is shining or rain is pouring, you can run the Jet Jam in shallow water (as little as three inches!) or in deeper areas. Everything about this boat is designed for fun. And with a jet pump and no exposed propeller, the Jet Jam offers a safe experience for everyone. It even has a rubber bumper to prevent broken hulls or damage to the side of your pool. We also added a removable cup in the front so you can play pool soccer against your friends! Just add a ping pong ball or any other floating ball.

Check out the Pro Boat Jet Jam in action!


  • Self-righting
  • Jet pump propulsion system
  • Ready to run
  • Decals included
  • Run in rain or shine
  • Includes 2.4GHz radio system

Included items

  • Pro Boat Jet Jam12-Inch RTR Pool Racer
  • Pro Boat 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Transmitter
  • Pro Boat ESC/Receiver
  • Pro Boat Servo
  • Dynamite 7.4 1500 mAh 2S 15C Li-Ion Battery
  • (Pro Boat USB Charger
  • User Manual
NOTICE: Running the boat in salt water (e.g. seawater or salt chlorinated pools) could cause some parts to corrode. If you run the boat in saltwater, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after each use and lubricate the drive system. Because of the corrosive effects, running the boat in salt water is at the discretion of the owner and will void the boat’s warranty.

Boat Skill Level: Beginner
Boat Power Source: Electric Brushed
Hull Type: Deep V
Pro Boat Jet Jam 12" Electric RC Speed Boat - Orange
1 reviews
Ivan Cope
Very disappointed in this. Brought for my son for Xmas. Ran great first time then servo jammed right. Adjusted it, let it cool recharged then seemed good. Another run then packed up again. Takes forever to charge. Thing leaks like a sieve and I suspect none of the parts including the ESC isn’t waterproof. Now it won’t turn on at all now even tho battery is fully charged. I have seen this exact model under a Chinese brand and I strongly suspect this is it with the Pro boat label. POI I did not buy this from this company whom I’ve had no problems with. Just giving a heads up on this RC boat.

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