Element RC 1/10 Enduro Builder's Kit 2 Electric Off Road RC Crawler Truck Kit

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Always forward, never back. Here at Element RC we are always improving things, and this kit is no different. With added features and updated materials, the updated Enduro Builder's Kit 2 is the perfect platform for any build.

We've updated the Builder's Kit 2 by including our GKS™ shock towers in front and rear. Our shock mount inserts provide the ability to adjust shock angle, droop, and vehicle ride height without affecting spring preload. Matched up with the shock mount inserts are our race-proven, ultra-smooth Factory Team™ bronze shocks with black caps and collars--perfect for traversing rough terrain. Along with the updated shock towers, we've included the GKS aluminium track bar mount that is bolted directly to the frame rails. This makes the front suspension more rigid and flex-free, with a more precise steering feel. Also included are updated Factory Team™ 12.3-inch wheelbase high-clearance links with black nitrate finish and low-friction Delrin® pivot balls, which are more resistant to abrasion and friction wear.

With all these updated features packed in one box, we know the new and improved Enduro Builder's Kit 2 is better than ever. It's the perfect rig for whatever adventures lie around the next corner. Your journey begins here!

Stealth® X Gearbox with Adjustable Overdrive Gears

At the heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth® X gearbox. Although the exterior appears to have a conventional 3-gear transmission look, the inside is far from conventional. The Stealth® X features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently of the front drive in 3 levels. Stock overdrives the front end 5.7%, option 1 (requires gearing sold separately) provides a one-to-one drive ratio front to rear, and option 2 overdrives the front end 11.83%.

Aluminium Track Bar Mount
Aluminium Track Bar Mount

The GKS™ aluminium track bar mount bolted directly to the steel frame rail makes the front suspension more rigid and flex-free with a more precise steering feel.

Shock Mount Inserts
Shock Mount Inserts

GKS™ shock mount inserts provide drivers with the ability to tune shock angle, droop, and vehicle ride height without affecting spring preload.

Factory Team™ Shocks
Factory Team™ Shocks

For ultra-smooth performance and looks, our machined aluminium threaded bronze-anodized shocks with black plastic caps and aluminium collars are included.

12.3" Wheelbase High-Clearance Links
12.3" Wheelbase High-Clearance Links

With an updated look, our 5mm heavy-duty links are black nitrate-coated, with FT logo and length etched right on them for easy reference.

Factory Team™ Steel Wheel Hexes
Factory Team™ Steel Wheel Hexes

Steel wheel hexes (12x6mm) add weight down low and provides a strong solid mount for your favorite plastic or aluminium wheels.

Delrin® Pivot Balls
Delrin® Pivot Balls

These new pivot balls are more resistant to abrasion and friction wear than our previous plastic pivot balls. They provide a smoother, longer-lasting suspension.

  • Solid axle front suspension
  • Universal front drive axles
  • One-piece rear axle design
  • Behind-the-axle (BTA) steering
  • Aluminium steering plates
  • Integrated servo winch mount
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
  • Stamped steel frame rails
  • Adjustable bumper mounts
  • Enclosed water-resistant receiver box
  • Injection-moulded adjustable width rock sliders
  • Threaded aluminium shock bodies
  • Aluminium motor plate
  • Optimized ball cups for more fluid axle articulation
  • Telescopic driveshafts front and rear
  • Extruded aluminium driveshaft splines
  • 5mm heavy duty FT high clearance links
  • Machined input pinion gear
  • Metal ring gear
  • Machined steel top shaft
  • Metal ball bearings included
  • Steel 25T servo horn
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Terrain: Off-Road
  • Body Style: Truck
  • Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
  • Assembly Level: Kit
  • Length: 462mm (18.19in)
  • Width: 236mm (9.29in)
  • Wheelbase: 313mm (12.32in)
  • Drive: 4WD
Included items
Description QTY
1/10 Enduro Builder's Kit 2 1
Required items (not included)
  • 1:10 scale 540-size electric motor with 48-pitch pinion gear
  • 1:10 scale electronic crawler speed control
  • LiPo battery (based on your speed control)
  • Battery charger (for the battery type chosen above)
  • 2-channel surface transmitter
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Steering servo
  • Body and paint
  • Wheels with 12mm hex mounting
  • Tyres
Assembly Type: Kit
Max LiPo Power: 2S (7.4v)
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric Brushed
Chassis Type: Rock Crawler
On/Off Road: Off Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power:
Battery connector:
Front shock oil:
Rear shock oil: 30w
Wheel hex size: 12
Element RC 1/10 Enduro Builder's Kit 2 Electric Off Road RC Crawler Truck Kit
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