Traxxas Power Cell 14.8V 6700Mah 25C iD LiPo Battery

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Note: This product is classified as dangerous goods. Due to aviation safety laws, it can not be sent by air, including to New Zealand. If you add this to your cart, you will only see road delivery options, or to pick up from our store.
LiPo Charging: Always use a LiPo compatible charger when charging your Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Be sure to select the correct chemistry/setting for the LiPo battery you are charging, as charging on the wrong setting can cause violent fires if left unattended. Please use extreme caution and never charge LiPo batteries unattended. We also recommend using a LiPo Safe/Protection Bag while charging your LiPo batteries.

The Traxxas LiPo batteries pack a serious punch for your RC adventures. Low-resistance cells unleash snappy acceleration and rip through the toughest tracks, while high-conductivity wires keep the power flowing like a river of adrenaline. Don't let playtime drain away, the large capacity provides extended sessions of pure RC bliss. Traxxas even throws in user-friendly features like flexible wires, secure tabs, and their intuitive iD® charging system, making power management a breeze. So ditch the battery blues and unleash your RC's inner beast with the Traxxas 14.8V 6700mAh LiPo battery.

  • Features a Traxxas iD connector to make charging with the Traxxas iD charger a breeze
  • Large 6700mAh capacity ensure the longest run time possible
  • Thick 12 gauge wiring helps lower resistance and deliver instant power
  • Genuine Traxxas replacement battery
  • Large design of the connector makes it easy to grip

How To: Charge With The Traxxas Ez-Peak Charger

See how to select the correct settings for safely charging your Traxxas battery with a Traxxas EZ-peak smart charger.

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Description QTY
Traxxas Power Cell 14.8V 6700Mah 25C iD LiPo Battery 1
Total Voltage: 14.8
mAh: 6700
Discharge C Rating: 25
Battery Type: LiPo
Connector Type: Traxxas iD
Battery Length (mm): 180
Battery Width (mm): 50
Battery Height (mm): 44
Battery Weight (g): 648
Main Connector Wire Gauge (AWG): 12
Cell Voltage: 3.7
Lithium Case: Soft Case
"Stick" Size: No
Balance Lead Connector: iD
R.O.A.R Approved: No
Traxxas Power Cell 14.8V 6700Mah 25C iD LiPo Battery
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angelo bacolo
quick and reliable service ,product is excellent

Justin Bloomer
Very happy with there quick service

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