MST 1/10 RMX 2.5 LBMT RWD Electric Brushless RTR RC Drift Car - Grey

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Note: MST vehicles are test-driven during the manufacturer process to ensure the highest quality control standards are met and can result in slight scuff marks on the tyres. This does not affect performance. MST may also change the colour of certain parts without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The RMX 2.5 RTR is a newly evolved, entry-level and professional rear-drive drifter. Its professional body design and default factory settings, combined with the successful experience of the 2.0 RTR's stable control, push the drift control stability to a new level. This allows beginner players to easily control and experience the fun of drifting while also having professional drift ability in large-angle and attitude. As the driver's ability improves, the car has abundant upgrade options, providing more powerful development potential for its performance.

Key Features
Gravity Frame

The high-performance specific gravity frame is configured to enhance rear-wheel traction and boost propulsion acceleration.

RMX & RRX Drive Modes

Newly designed rear spur gear & gearbox is able to modify the drive mode for RMX and RRX.

Wide Angle Steering System

The large-angle steering system, with an Ackerman angle setting tailored for drift cars, provides outstanding handling for wide-angle drifting.

Multiple Motor Positions

The driver can choose between a low or high centre of gravity position for the motor, allowing for different handling characteristics.

Hydraulic Shocks

The hydraulic shock absorbers provide exceptional handling and stability.

Drift Tyres & Rims

The vehicle is equipped with professional drift tyres, realistic rims, and a realistic brake calliper set.

Battery Compatibility

The battery mount is compatible with both long and short batteries.

XTR-03 Controller

XTR-03 3ch 2.4GHz RC drift car controller, designed to provide reliable and precise control. With its 3 channels and 2.4GHz frequency, this controller offers smooth and responsive handling, allowing you to fully enjoy the drifting experience and perform impressive manoeuvres with ease.

Brushless XBL Motor

Innovative motor with 4-pole-8-magnet "staggered pole" rotor, low cogging effect, and torque pulsation for improved control. Advanced temperature control, CNC machined housing, and rebuildable design for efficiency, durability, and smoothness.

XBL50 Brushless ESC

Water and dust proof ESC with external programming port for easy adjustment. 9 steps of acceleration, multiple protections, and compatibility with portable Digital LED Program Card for convenient outdoor use.

MST SC-0352 Servo

The SC-0352, made by Savox, outperforms its counterparts with its exceptional torque and dual bearing support. With dual ball bearings for precision and gear support, this servo delivers more torque than other standard servos.

MGX Gyro

The MST MGX drifting gyro delivers ultra-high-performance steering for a wide range of needs, making it ideal for players of all levels. With dual sensitivity modes and support for EPA stroke setting and wireless sensitivity adjustment, this gyro offers exceptional control and versatility.

  • The RMX 2.5 RTR is a newly evolved, entry-level and professional rear-drive drifter
  • professional body design
  • 2.0 RTR's stable control pushes drift control stability to a new level
  • Beginners can easily control and experience the fun of drifting
  • The car has professional drift ability with wide-angle steering
  • Many upgrade options
  • Gravity frame improves rear-wheel traction and acceleration
  • Newly designed rear spur-gear-driving gearbox can switch drive modes for RMX and RRX
  • Large angle steering system has an Ackerman angle setting suitable for drift cars
  • Motor position can be chosen between low/high center of gravity configurations
  • Equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber for excellent handling stability
  • Professional drift tyres, realistic wheels, and a realistic brake caliper set

  • Wheelbase: 257mm (10.12in)
  • Caster: Adjustable 6/ 8/ 10/ 12 degrees
  • Chassis: RMX Drift
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Steering: Wide Angle Ackerman
  • Suspension: Coil-Over Shocks

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1/10 RMX 2.5 RWD Brushless Electric RTR RC Drift Car 1
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Assembly Type: Ready to Run
Max LiPo Power: 2S (7.4v)
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric Brushless
Chassis Type: Drift
On/Off Road: On Road
Drivetrain: RWD
Factory specs
Battery connector: Deans
Front shock oil: 10w
MST 1/10 RMX 2.5 LBMT RWD Electric Brushless RTR RC Drift Car - Grey
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