Killerbody 1/10 Mercury 4WD Electric RC Rock Crawler Chassis Kit

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The Mercury is a high-simulation remote control car chassis that deviates from traditional crawler chassis. Instead of focusing on ultimate performance, it prioritises the simulation of mechanical structure and driving posture. Its power system is housed in a V-6 engine cover, with electronic equipment located in the fuel tank. The gearbox features a two-speed gear shifting function, a partition transmission system in the transfer box, and a jaw-type differential lock in the differential mechanism device.

By combining these functions, drivers can experience the flexible steering radius of the rear drive system, for various road conditions, and corner traction performance. Once the 4WD driving system is activated, it provides a unique driving experience. The jaw-type differential lock will engage automatically, synchronously transmitting power to all four wheels and transforming the vehicle into a crawler. The differential lock can be immediately disengaged by remote control, preventing issues such as a large turning radius, rigid driving posture, or strong axial effect typically associated with straight axis crawlers.

The Mercury Chassis, is designed to complement the Killerbody LC70 and Jeep body shell. The front axle adopts a 3-linkage suspension with coil springs, while the rear axle offers two types of suspension: a leaf spring with damper cylinder (suitable for Killerbody LC70) and a 4-linkage suspension with damper cylinder (suitable for Killerbody Jeep Gladiator Rubicon). The LiPo battery, is concealed within the frame, fully preserving the entire cockpit interior. This is not visible even when viewed from the chassis perspective. The Mercury Chassis aims to crawl at a more gentle speed, rather than fast driving on sand and gravel.


  • Ready to assemble chassis kit features pre-assembled F/R axle & gearbox
  • Prioritises mechanical realism and operation
  • Power system located in V6 engine cover
  • Electronic equipment located in the fuel tank compartment
  • Gearbox with two-speed gear shifting
  • Partition 4WD/RWD transmission system in transfer box
  • Planetary differential gears
  • Jaw-type differential lock
  • Automatic engagement of differential lock
  • Immediate disengagement of lock by remote
  • Designed for the Killerbody LC70 and Jeep body shells
  • Genuine Killerbody Product
  • Length: 502 mm (19.8 in)
  • Width: 215 mm (8.5 in)
  • Height: 188 mm (7.4 in)
  • Wheelbase: 313 mm (12.3 in)
  • Weight: 1400g (3.08 lbs)
  • Tyre Diameter: 135 mm (5.3 in)
  • Chassis: Crawler
  • Drivetrain: 4WD/RWD
  • Gears: N/A
  • Suspension: Leaf Spring & Coil Over Shock Absorbers
  • Motor: Not Included
  • ESC: Not Included
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Killerbody 1/10 Mercury 4WD Electric RC Rock Crawler Chassis Kit 1
Required items (not included)
Assembly Type: Kit
Max LiPo Power: 3S (11.1v)
Suited Motor Type: Electric
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric
Chassis Type: Rock Crawler
On/Off Road: Off Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power: 3S (11.1v)
Battery connector: Not Included
Front shock oil:
Rear shock oil:
Front differential oil:
Rear differential oil:
Pinion gear: 18T
Spur gear: 56T
Wheel hex size: 12
Killerbody 1/10 Mercury 4WD Electric RC Rock Crawler Chassis Kit
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